AstroPlast – cancellation of participation in the WIRE 2020

we regret to inform you that we were forced to cancel our participation in this year’s WIRE 2020 rescheduled for December.

We came to that decision after long and careful consideration since the overall development of the COVID 19 pandemic as well as the situation in December is currently uncertain and unpredictable. This decision was not the easy one for us especially considering personal contact with customers which is very important. However the current circumstances, new requirements and care duty towards our customers, business partners and employees were taken as a priority and were the main factors for this decision.
In order to substitute as much as possible meetings during exhibition gladly we do offer modern and safe communication options via various digital channels. We remain without the limits at your disposal. The whole AstroPlast sales team will be happy to provide you necessary support in any time needed. Just challenge us!

AstroPlast with the new headquarter since 2017 in Meschede in the Sauerland region offers an optimal services portfolio in consequence of business model ‘all under the one roof’.
As a niche supplier of medium and large spools out of own product brand with around 40% of annual turnover as well as a supplier of customized injected parts with around 60% of annual turnover supplies AstroPlast the entire European market for many areas of application.

At the new 43.000m² location we are working with the most modern injection moulding machines with up to 2300 T clamping force as well we are able to offer support within the pre-production process such as injection tools construction and production. All to be sure we are reliable, competitive and complex business partner.
We process around 6000T materials annually and trying to follow Cradle to Cradle approach around 1000T of those are recyclates. Our goal is to be efficient but as well to be waste free producer! We want to be a part of the chain which has a positive effect on the CO2 balance.

AstroPlast was founded in 1972 and was acquired by the listed on the stock exchange company GESCO AG from Wuppertal.