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Together with you, we examine the exact requirements, develop process-optimized solutions and propose materials and their design.

Needs analysis

Thanks to our capable development team and our in-house toolmaking shop, we are able to offer all stages of production from a single source. Simple. Flexible. Reliable.


Highly qualified, competent team members, state-of-the-art production facilities, and, last but not least, our many years of experience in the production of plastic injection molded parts for technical applications ensure optimum results.


The future is today

Let us get your product ready for full-scale production - tailored to your needs and equipped to meet tomorrow's demands. Prepare to succeed.

Our comprehensive know-how. Your success.

The wide variety of plastics we use for production and our range of modifications and compounds demand expertise and experience: finding the ideal material for a product, keeping tooling costs low, and achieving one objective above all: quality at the best price. We control the entire process to ensure a fast and smooth start of full-scale production.


For example, our development team will work closely with you to optimize products according to production parameters, design and visualize both products and their injection molds in 3D, and prepare mold flow analyses. We also produce 3D printed prototypes to support the development process upon request.


We want to break new ground with our customers – developing products and rethinking materials, processes, or techniques. To get there, we provide high-quality products, services, and solutions. Because we understand our customers and their markets.

Needs analysis

We share our knowledge with you. For your success

We support you from first contact through prototype design to full-scale production and are at your side with all our knowledge and experience, advising you to ensure the best possible results.

We have structured our business units to minimize the number of contact persons you have to deal with – to save you time and resources.


Your aspirations. Our goal

Your products must be both convincing and meet field-tested requirements. Our development team will work closely with you and coordinates with you at every stage to get there.

With the help of 3D printed models, we create prototypes for you in the original materials. That's how we can ensure your design and quality requirements are met, and your product reaches the desired market maturity efficiently and cost-effectively.


The highest quality. 24/7. With the utmost passion.

High-quality molds and tools are indispensable for guaranteeing quality in large quantities.

Our toolmaking team of experienced, highly qualified employees works closely with our developers to ensure that we can produce your plastic components in consistently superior reproducible quality later in the production process.

That is why our production stands ready for you around the clock - with the most up-to-date production facilities and injection molding machines with up to 2,300 tons of clamping force and up to 13 kg shot weight. With the highest quality. 24/7.

In-house materials development. Innovation for our customers.

Our in-house materials optimization development work significantly contributes to our customers' economic success.
We aim to develop customized compounds to optimally align the properties of the plastic with its application.


  • PS-TSG: foamed polystyrene, used for large volume components to save weight.

  • ABS-SC: an ABS especially modified for cold temperatures and chemical specifications.

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