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Total precision.
Highest quality

We manufacture all plastic parts as specified by you – customized, precise, and fast – or jointly develop product solutions tailored to your needs.

High-quality solutions for industry, construction and trade

First-class thermoplastic injection molding product know-how is our hallmark.

We produce all of our customers' components with the highest quality, from several hundred thousand small parts to large and heavy individual pieces. To this end, we continuously develop our manufacturing processes, test new production methods, or develop new compounds and optimize processes to give our customers a competitive edge.

After all, we know our customers and their industries, and our work ensures that they will be able to meet the demands of the market now and in the future.

Our expertise for your success

As early as during the development of components, we support you with our expertise and provide holistic advice on design, materials, and cost-effective production. That's how we combine modern process technology with high-quality standards for results that are never anything less than compelling.

We injection mold up to 13 kg of unit weight from almost all thermoplastics. Our expertise is based on highly qualified, competent staff, state-of-the-art production equipment, and, last but not least, our many years of experience in the manufacture of technical plastic injection molded parts. Our in-house toolmaking shop also enables us to offer all manufacturing steps from a single source, which makes us highly flexible.

Technical injection molded plastic parts: unlimited possibilities

Here are some examples from a variety of possible applications.

Wissenswertes über Technik und Material 

Home automation components

Preterm medicine and incubators

Components for lighting systems in industrial plants

Covers for the hospitality industry

Waste baskets and kitchen waste containers

Drainage gutters

Trash cans and large trash containers

Components for lighting systems for industrial and production facilities as well as commercial buildings

Components for parking meters or access control

Transport and varioboxes, transport systems for retail and wholesale trade

Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery, combined with our extensive range of materials, we can offer our customers a wide range of product variants for many different industries. Due to our extensive experience with transparent and recycled plastics, we can also realize solutions for medical technology, hotel, and leisure industries.

Technical production infrastructure

  • 26 modern injection molding machines from leading manufacturers

  • 500 - 23,000 kN clamping force

  • 3,000 kN clamping force (2K)

  • Tandem Tools 15,000 kN clamping force

  • Stack Tools 15,000 kN clamping force

  • Central material supply and central drying

  • 90% of our systems are equipped with robots

Range of materials

  • PBT

  • POM

  • PA

  • PC

  • ASA

  • ABS

  • SAN

  • PE

  • PP

  • PS

  • PMMA

  • MBS

In-house materials development. Innovation for our customers.

With our in-house development work on material optimization, we make a significant contribution to our customers' economic success.
Our goal is to develop customized compounds to optimally align the properties profile of the plastic with its application.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions about plastic molded parts, just give us a call or send us an e-mail - we'll be happy to help.

In 2021, we processed a total of 4,800 tons of material, 2,000 tons of whichwas secondary material. That corresponds to a volume of nearly 20 truckloads of plastic per month.

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